Words to Inspire

"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."
- Voltaire

Friday, May 11, 2012

Intensified HIIT

I did this natural high inducing HIIT after training chest and abs today and it felt ah-mazing

HIITs are so easy to create yourself which is another one of the many reasons why I love to do them.

So anyways, I threw this one together in my head literally as I was stepping on the treadmill. Initially I had planned on only going to for a 10 minute session but I felt too good to stop so here it is...

Intensified HIIT

40 seconds at 5 speed with 20 seconds at 9 speed

repeat 14 times

cool down at 3 speed for 5 minutes

feel great


  1. So what is the difference between running two miles on the treadmill and a HIIT workout? I am really interested in trying this. Typically I run 2-3 miles on the treadmill, and then I lift weights. Do you like running after better?

  2. When you just run 3 miles at the same speed you don't get those intense bursts that burn fat and increase your afterburn and metabolism like a HIIT would. Also, try lifting and then doing cardio afterwards. When you lift first your muscles are strongest vs just finishing cardio so you get a better quality workout.