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"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."
- Voltaire

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Almost the Weekend

It's Thursday.

Which means tomorrow is Friday.

I cannot wait for Friday.

Because Friday means 24 hours until Saturday.

And Saturday means BID DAY!


This morning for breakfast I had the usez.

plain Greek yogurt + Kashi GoLean Crunch + fresh berries

Last night I finally had some time to go to Publix and stock up the ole dorm room fridge. I picked up some plain Greek yogurt, fruit, Arctic Zero, and some Newman's Own salad dressings which I haven't tried before and I'm stoked to do so. I also managed to grab some dark chocolate covered cherries and almonds that will probably be polished off in no time. Sooo good!

And now for lunch...

Zoe's Kitchen Mediterranean tuna salad + marinated slaw + an apple

I'm ecstatic with how this lunch turned out! I walked over to Zoe's earlier and picked up a half pint of their Mediterranean tuna salad and a side of marinated slaw and made a sandwich out of it with some bread I had back in the dorm. With the addition of an apple I had a perfect balanced meal. Deeelicious!


As far as the workout goes I've been sticking to the stairs. Eleven flights of stairs at least three times a day. I honestly believe my calves are growing! Yes! But hopefully after this week I'll slip into a routine and be able to hit the gym. I'll keep you posted!

I have gnarly pit stains from the Alabama heat and the stairs though!

That should count for something, right? 


Have a great Thursday everyone! It's almost the weekend.


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