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"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."
- Voltaire

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Odd Combinations

Good morning! Hope everyone's week is going good so far. Only one more day till Friday and I cannot wait!

I'd like to start off by letting everyone know that I whipped up this bomb.com healthy dinner the other night for my parents, Grandma, and the boyfriend with every intention of posting about it. However, being my eager self, I remembered to take a picture of my plate of panko-herb crusted tilapia, garlic mashed cauliflower, roasted broccoli, onion, zucchini, and a slice of beer bread immediately after I polished it clean. I'm still angry with myself over that.


First, let's check out this odd combo of fruit I had in my parfait the other morning while I was home for the holiday weekend...

Since I wasn't home long enough to grocery shop I was like a scavenger in the fridge. I managed to bring together grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and 1/2 mango - along with the usez Greek yogurt and Kashi GoLean Crunch - for a super tasty breakfast.


And now for my latest obsession...

See that glob of Wickle's relish amidst my salad? That right there is my new obsession. All thanks to deciding to toss in the pickles at Newk's with my go to order, the Simply Salad with grilled salmon.

Along with the bomb addition of relish to my salad I also did something a little weird and seasoned my salmon with a hot curry spice from William's Sonoma.

Alright, so you're probably thinking something is up with my tastes buds considering my unusual combination of fruit in my breakfast and now relish and hot curry in my salad. Maybe something is up but hey, I'm not complaining! These flavor pairings are rocking my world lately!

This post is really starting to make my mouth water so let's get a change of pace.


Keeping up with my workout of late, I'm on the path of turning into a runner again. I guess after five years of cross-country practices something has to stick. The thought of running can really be dreadful to me but recently I can't get enough of it. Maybe it's because it's the quickest and easiest form of exercise I can squeeze into a busy college schedule. Or maybe it's the feeling of getting into my stride - which resembles that of a duck - and just rolling across campus. But really I think it's finishing a run and being drenched in sweat - ew I look so nasty, too - and having that feeling of accomplishment. Yup, that's it. Go for a run ladies and gents and you'll see what I'm talking about.


To wrap things up, I encourage all of you to click here and check things out. The film, Food, Inc., is available on Netflix. This is the kind of thing I really care about bringing to society's attention.

Have a happy Thursday!


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  1. I've always searched for the word to describe what I look like when I run. Waddling duck fits perfectly! I suppose we have Kooch to thank for our wobbles. I'm glad you're running again! It's the best time of year for it! :)