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"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."
- Voltaire

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chest Workout

This is a great chest workout that will guarantee a sore body the day after! Chest exercises are often viewed as male only and all I have to say to that is think again! Both sexes should incorporate this muscle group into their strength training routine so if you aren't already, get to it!
Chest Routine

Superset #1
4x25 chest press 
4x25 chest fly

Superset #2
4x15 incline chest press
4x15 incline chest fly

Superset #3
4x20 cable cross overs (each side)
20 declined push-ups

Stretch to cool down.

It's really easy to combine chest with other muscle groups so a lot of times I'll throw in a back exercise into each set making it a triset workout routine instead of superset. 

Hope you feel the burn! Remember to lift heavy - you must challenge yourself to achieve your goals!

*The rep range I give is not set in stone!
20-25 reps for endurance
6-8 reps for strength
12-15 reps for hypertrophy (the range I usually prefer)

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