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"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."
- Voltaire

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shoulders and Arms

I try to hit a set muscle group each day for five days out of the week. This type of training is called a blitz system. My blitz week is similar to this:

Monday - legs/abs, Tuesday - shoulders, Wednesday - back/abs, Thursday - arms, Friday - chest/abs

 However, due to my busy schedule lately (and the fact that I haven't been home in over a week) I'm finding it hard to put in my normal workouts each day. 

The solution to my problem was to turn my typical blitz system training week into a split routine system. In a split routine you break your workouts down to either a 4-day split or a 6-day split so they'll look something like this:

4-day split
Monday/Thursday - lower body
Tuesday/Friday - upper body  

6-day split
Monday/Thursday - lower body
Tuesday/Friday - chest, shoulders, triceps
Wednesday/Saturday - back and biceps

Sooo, instead of hitting shoulders on Tuesday and arms on Thursday I did them both in the same day! To conclude this post I shall leave you with my tri-set Shoulders & Arms Workout. Enjoy!

Shoulders & Arms

Tri-Set #1
3x15 Shoulder Press
3x8-10/12-15 Preacher Curl
3x15 Triceps Kickback

Tri-Set #2
3x16 Alternating Front and Lateral Raise
3x20 Alternating Bicep Curl w/ Squeeze
3x15 Skull Crushers

Tri-Set #3
3x15 Upright Rows
3x8-10/12-15 Biceps Curl
3x20 Chair Dips

Tri-Set #4
3x15 Shoulder Fly
3x8-10/12-15 Hammer Curl
3x15 Triceps Extension (each arm)

Stretch to cool down and NEVER forget your recovery protein drink!


  1. Love it! I taught aerobics for 13 years. Great workout!